Alexandria Luanglath

Assistant Manager

About Alex

Alexandria was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. She attended West Texas A&M University and studied Business and Education. After that, she decided to move to Sacramento, California with her two best friends to figure herself and find a career. 

What I am excited about C&C Elite, Inc.

One thing that excites her about working with C&C Elite, Inc. is knowing the opportunity, growth and skillsets she’s able to learn. 

Outside of work

Basketball is a huge hobby of hers, but she enjoys playing any sport. Her level of competitive is outrageous! 


West Texas A&M University

Meet Curtland!

Curtland’s vision is to have the freedom of time and money to spend quality time with his family. His goal is to keep moving forward and growing within the company and soon become one of the top consultants in the company and the nation. 

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