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C&C Elite, Inc. focuses on maximizing the value of each person through a disciplined approach towards personal and professional development.

C&C Elite, Inc.

To develop individuals' lives personally and professionally within a company that's fun, energetic, and growth oriented. Skill sets learned within our company will provide our team members with the confidence to communicate effectively, while also helping them achieve success as they create a career path.

Our Leadership Team

Curtland Cleary

CEO & Founder

Curtland’s vision is to provide financial freedom for himself and his team. 

Alexandria Luanglath

Market Director

If there is anyone who loves Basketball, it’s Alexandria! Her competitive nature is outrageous! 

Lexie Calderon

HR Recruiter

Lexie is extremely family oriented, so she loves spending as much time as she can with her family and friends.

Our culture is built on winning and having a winning mentality. Driven by systems, standards, and competition.

Our Mission

Changing Individuals lives from who they are to who they can become

Client Growth

We develop highly skilled professionals in the areas of sales, service, and business. This allows us to guarantee our clients an increase in profit. As we grow, our clients grow as well.

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